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Managing Director of Benison Marketing

Mr. Taimour Hashmi

Managing Director

Benison Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Meet Taimour Hashmi, a forging force at the center of Benison Marketing, redefining the landscape of real estate marketing with an unparalleled blend of innovation and strategic expertise. As the Managing Director, Mr. Taimour Hashmi’s journey is a testimony to his indomitable spirit and iron commitment to excellence.

A Fusion of Expertise

With a distinguished background in property and web development, Mr. Hashmi masterfully merges these domains, resulting in a unique synergy of innovation and marketing acumen. His ability to transform creative concepts into tangible successes sets him apart, as he pioneers a new era of real estate marketing. No doubt, he is a gem.

Professionalism Redefined

He remains humble, having all he achieved that rarely appears. Renowned for his professionalism and candid communication, Hashmi creates enduring connections within the industry. His dedication to transparency and his knack for understanding client needs form the cornerstone of his approach, forging trust that transcends transactions. Yes, he knows the market and the needs of our valuable clients.

Literary Passions and Strategic Exploration

Beyond the business, Hashmi’s passion for literature and exploration infuses his strategies with a creative edge. This unique perspective, woven into every project, showcases his ability to see beyond the conventional and reimagine possibilities. Yes, he is a passionate leader.

Financial Acumen and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Mr. Taimour Hashmi’s digital exposure further enriched his entrepreneurship. As the founder of Nova & More, a dynamic digital marketing agency, and a co-founder of Hukumat Networks, he epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit.  How could we miss his aesthetic sense and calm smile to strengthen the team Benison in every challenge and competition? Yes, he remains firm as steel for us.

Reshaping Horizons

With high commitment, Mr. Taimour Hashmi is rewriting the playbook for real estate marketing and beyond. His visionary approach leaves an indelible mark on the industry. Now, Benison is propelling toward new heights. Under his leadership, the boundaries of possibility seem high and high.

A Legacy of Innovation

We find not just a Managing Director, but a visionary architect shaping the future through Benison Marketing. His journey, unmatched dedication, entrepreneurial zeal, and ability become the beacon for competitors. 

A Message from the Managing Director

Dear Esteemed Clients and Valued Partners,

Welcome to the dynamic world of Benison Marketing, where innovation, excellence, and client-centricity converge to redefine the realm of real estate marketing. It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest greetings to you.

I am humbled to lead a team that embodies the spirit of innovation and embraces the art of strategic thinking. As the Managing Director of Benison Marketing, my vision is to propel our company to new horizons while staying true to our core values.

With a rich background in property and web development, my journey has been a tapestry woven with diverse experiences. This blend of expertise allows us to navigate the complexities of the real estate market with an innovative edge, ensuring that every endeavor is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

What sets Benison Marketing apart is our unwavering dedication to professionalism and transparent communication. We understand that real estate decisions are not merely transactions; they are life-changing choices. Our approach is centered around building trust and fostering enduring relationships, guided by open dialogue and a shared vision for success.

Beyond business, my passion for literature and exploration infuse my strategies with creativity and a fresh perspective. This, combined with my financial acumen, forms the foundation of my leadership philosophy – an amalgamation of innovation, vision, and pragmatic thinking.

Our journey at Benison Marketing is one of continuous evolution, marked by milestones that reflect our team’s dedication and our clients’ trust. Together with my exceptional team, I am committed to creating an environment that fosters innovation and nurtures growth, ensuring that every client’s aspirations are realized beyond their expectations.

Thank you for considering Benison Marketing as your partner in your real estate journey. With our pioneering spirit and your vision, there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Warm Regards,

Taimour Hashmi 

Managing Director 

Benison Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd.