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Sialkot Motorway City

Is Sialkot Motorway City a Good Investment Opportunity for You?

Are you looking to buy residential or commercial property in Sialkot at easy installment plans? If yes, then I am sure you would love to choose Sialkot Motorway city. It is the latest housing project in Sialkot that offers plenty of residential and commercial investment opportunities with good returns and affordable costs.

As there are a lot of residential and commercial projects in Sialkot and the twin cities, people often wonder why should they choose Sialkot Motorway City specifically. What makes it an ideal housing project? Is this project offers good returns?

Yes, Sialkot Motorway is an Ideal Investment Opportunity

Well, the main reasons why it’s an ideal investment opportunity are – its prime location and of course, tons of facilities & amenities. This means Sialkot Motorway City is a safe & secure investment opportunity that can be considered by even the average income holders.

Apart from this, there are many reasons to choose Sialkot Motorway City for long-term investment. 

Reasons Why It’s a Good Investment Option

Let’s dig out some more reasons to invest in this lucrative project.

1. Affordable Commercial Plots

Do you know why business owners choose Sialkot Motorway City? The project offers extremely affordable payment plans for commercial plots. You can choose from 4 & 6 Marla commercial plots and expect high returns on your investment. 

They have a very easy-to-follow payment plan and the possession timeline is also reasonable, which makes it an excellent option for investors and buyers. Let’s have a look at their payment plan for the 4 and 6 Marla plots.

Plot size
Total price
Down payment of 20%
29 monthly installments
6 semi-annual payments
4 Marla16,000,0003,200,000198,6211,120,0003,200,000
6 Marla24,000,0004,800,000297,9311,168,0004,800,000
2. Access to Basic Necessities

Another important element that people consider first before the investment is the availability of all basic life necessities. That’s why the developers of Motorway city Sialkot offer the most reliable and sustainable lifestyle to all investors. 

There is a provision of electricity, water, and gas for all the residents and investors. Moreover, the residents don’t have to pay exorbitant money for all these facilities. Once you invest here, you will enjoy a healthy and long-term living standard.

3. Perfect Healthcare Facilities

Do you know what makes your investment fruitful? Perfect healthcare facilities. The best medical and healthcare are probably the mandatory aspects that everybody must need for a sustainable lifestyle. The developers of the society have already fulfilled this need and offering world-class health care services to all the potential residents. 

Besides good healthcare, several high-quality schools and colleges serve the people and make them civilized. The institutes follow an international curriculum that adds further value to the children’s lives.

4. Located at An Ideal Place

What makes Sialkot Motorway City a special project is its – prime location!

It is located at the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway which is accessible from all the known and important sites. Easy and accessible location is considered the best aspect most real estate investors look for before investing.

Therefore, the location of the Motorway city of Sialkot also convinces people to choose the place for investment. Some major access points from SMC are Saddar Cantt, Murray College, Iqbal Manzil, and Sialkot Clock Tower. This makes the lifestyle more beneficial and easier for residents.

5. Eco-Friendly Place

What if I tell you that now you have an eco-friendly place to live for your entire life where you can have lush green surroundings? Well, that’s true. 

The Motorway city Sialkot features a green, healthy, and environmentally friendly location that offers peace, serenity, and much more to make your stay ideally healthy. Moreover, their construction work is exactly according to the standards of international town planning. 

This also includes minimum wastage as well as reliable usage of resources during the overall construction work. apart from this, a plantation drive is also going on in the community which makes it a perfect gated community just like the Forest Town Islamabad.

6. Fully Monitored and Gated Community

Security is the primary concern of most residents today. They want to choose a community that is monitored, secure and protected from all aspects. Motorway City Sialkot provides an ideally-secured lifestyle to every investor and resident. To ensure a secure living, the developers have instilled advanced CCTV cameras for protecting the community and recording all the happenings. 

Like other housing societies, Sialkot Motorway City is a gated community; It features a strong wall around the community, making it a remarkably secure society. There are also security guards at several points that are designated to mitigate any uncomfortable and inconvenient situation. 

7. Different Business Opportunities

There are a lot of things that differentiate the Motorway city of Sialkot from other housing projects in Islamabad. And the biggest point is, that society offers great business opportunities. It is not only constructed to fulfill the living purposes of the residents but it also offers plenty of monetary benefits. There are several sizes of commercial plots available at cost-effective rates. 

If you invest in a society, you can choose any business model based on your budget, needs, and preferences. These investments help make higher financial gains even in the beginning. So, when you invest in society, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to attain a healthy and peaceful lifestyle in a place that offers tons of lucrative opportunities.

8. Amazing Facilities & Amenities

Besides healthcare and business opportunities, you can have lots of amazing facilities and amenities at Sialkot Motorway City. Some of them are well-constructed roads, a gated community, 24-hour gas, water, and electricity, affordable payment plans, a secure society, schools & colleges, and much more.


Investment in a society that offers lucrative returns is a dream of many people today. If you want to fulfill that dream, then it is recommended to choose Sialkot Motorway City so you can enjoy long-term investments with fruitful returns. 

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