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Director Operations of Benison Marketing

Muhammad Faisal Kiani
Director Operations

Benison Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd.

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Kiani, an exceptional force behind the scenes at Benison Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd., a beacon in the world of real estate consulting and property advising. With a trailblazing journey that’s an amalgamation of relentless determination and boundless motivation, Mr. Faisal Kiani is the embodiment of inspiration for Team Benison Marketing.

A Maestro of Mentorship:

As the Director of Operations, Mr. Faisal Kiani’s presence resonates as a perceptive mentor, a visionary trainer, and a true team player. Through every twist and turn of the real estate business cycle, he not only creates opportunities but also crafts innovative solutions that reverberate throughout the industry.

A Legacy of Expertise:

With an astounding 26 years of experience in sales and marketing, encompassing both individual and corporate solution-based selling, Mr. Kiani stands as a leading realtor. His unparalleled expertise has cast a new vision for end users, developers, and landowners alike.

A Transformational Leader:

Under his strategic leadership, Benison Marketing has embraced successful ventures, leading the charge through various transformations. The company’s growth trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Mr. Faisal Kiani sees every business challenge as a stepping stone to excellence, a philosophy that has steered the company towards becoming a pioneering name in commercial and residential real estate consultancy.

Innovating the Digital Landscape – Expert SEO Copywriter

Mr. Faisal Kiani’s prowess extends to the digital ocean, where his SEO copywriting expertise has galvanized the company’s corporate spirit. His mastery in B2B, B2C, and Direct Response copywriting has elevated the business to unprecedented heights.

A Portfolio of Achievements: Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) USA Qualifier

With accolades including being an Elite Member of MDRT USA and a thriving career as a financial consultant through EFU Life Assurance Ltd., Mr. Muhammad Faisal Kiani’s commitment to excellence shines.

An Unwavering Belief:

Mr. Kiani’s unwavering belief in effective management practices has paved the way for Benison Marketing to provide unparalleled real estate solutions to clients and investors alike. His exceptional skills as an SEO Copywriter, Content Analyst, Strategist, and career counselor form a dynamic tapestry of experience.

The Kopy Konversion Technique:

Through his innovative Kopy Konversion Technique (KKT), Mr. Kiani optimizes content for conversion, all while achieving remarkable search engine rankings without traditional link-building methods.

Author of the life-changing book, “The Mystery of Life” on Amazon Kindle

Stay tuned for Mr. Faisal Kiani’s first international publication, “The Mystery of Life,” set to grace the Amazon Kindle platform. His poignant quotes, a testament to his wisdom, are now immortalized on his website, faisalkiani.com.

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Kiani’s journey is a symphony of dedication, innovation, and profound impact. His legacy is etched in the realms of real estate, content creation, and the pursuit of excellence.

A Message from the Director of Operations

Dear Friends, Clients, and Partners,

Welcome to Benison Marketing, where our passion for real estate innovation meets a commitment to excellence. As the Director of Operations, I am thrilled to extend my warmest greetings to you.

At Benison, our journey has been one of transformation and growth, guided by a vision to redefine the real estate landscape. With over 26 years of experience in sales and marketing, I have witnessed the evolution of this dynamic industry firsthand. Today, I stand proud as part of a team that has embraced change, harnessed innovation, and elevated our offerings to new heights.

Our approach is centered around people — from our dedicated team members to our valued clients and partners. We believe that every transaction is an opportunity to build relationships and create meaningful connections. 

Through collaboration, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to our core values, we have forged a path that sets us apart.

In a digital age, where the virtual realm and real-world experiences converge, we are committed to bridging this gap seamlessly. Our digital footprint reflects the same values that define our in-person interactions – transparency, integrity, and a solutions-oriented mindset.

As we move forward, our commitment to excellence remains steadfast. We will continue to innovate, adapt, and excel, always with the goal of delivering unparalleled real estate solutions and experiences. Our journey is one of continuous growth, and we invite you to be part of it.

Thank you for choosing Benison Marketing. Together, let’s create a future where real estate dreams are not just realized but exceeded.

Warm Regards,

Muhammad Faisal Kiani

Director of Operations 

Benison Marketing (Pvt.) Ltd.