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10 Interesting Facts About Gulberg Greens

Are you struggling to bring your lifestyle dreams to life? Maybe you want a beautiful city with lush green views that offer healthy, peaceful, eco-friendly, and top-notch living standards.

Well, now your dreams can come true as Gulberg Greens Islamabad offers you a pleasant opportunity to live and invest in a completely healthy community without having to spend too much money. With modern architecture, high-quality standards, and lots of amenities, Gulberg Greens is surely a place that can be considered for long-term investment. Combined with sustainable living and best-in-design features, there is no other society that can compete with Gulberg Greens in Islamabad.

However, I think that’s not enough when it comes to investing a huge amount in a property. You need to know a lot of things so you can find out whether the option is reliable or you have just wasted your money.

Don’t worry, today I am going to highlight some interesting facts about Gulberg Greens that I am sure you never knew before. 

1.Future Hub of Corporate Sector

You must have heard the rumors that Gulberg Greens is going to be a corporate hub of the capital city of Pakistan in the future. I think that’s 100% true. We cannot deny the fact since there are a lot of reputable corporations such as Telenor, Tera Data, Wi-Tribe, iGate Technologies, Ciklum, and, Zigron Inc. that have moved their offices to Gulberg Greens.

It already has a dedicated area that is designed particularly for corporate and commercial sectors. The authorities have divided the area into Business Park, Business Square, Civic Centre, D-Markaz as well as Blue Area for corporate offices, business suites, malls, and different projects.

2. 80% Greenery in the Vicinity

Do you also love lush green surroundings and beautiful flowers? If yes, then I am sure you would Gulberg Greens because the area has 80% greenery in its vicinity as compared to the rest of the city. Its infrastructure is creatively and aesthetically developed and surrounded by greenery and rich plantation. You can a lot of beautiful trees and plants. Their profound presence breathes life into the city and makes the atmosphere healthy, clean, and refreshing.

3. Close Connection with Twin Cities

Another great fact about Gulberg Greens is, the area has pretty close access to the twin cities. There is only a distance of a few kilometers from Gulberg. The main route to Gulberg is connected to Islamabad Expressway.

Currently, we can see that there are three big concentrations of the population including Old Islamabad Sectors, Rawalpindi City, and New Developments of Islamabad such as Bahria, DHA, and Naval Anchorage. Now Gulberg Greens exists in the middle of all three. It faces Rawalpindi and on the other hand, it lies exactly in between the Old Islamabad Sectors as well as the New Developments of Islamabad.

4. Best Residential Society in Islamabad

If you are looking for the best housing society in Islamabad, then Gulberg Greens is your go-to choice. Yes! it is also the best residential society that offers huge returns.

The society called Gulberg Residencia features all the essential and advanced amenities which also include a consistent supply of civic services. Society follows the concept of advanced dream living where you can turn your dreams into reality and enjoy all the basic comforts, luxuries, and facilities of life. The best part is, it is focused on a clean and sustainable lifestyle.

5. Ideal Place for Commercial Investors

That’s something that makes Gulberg Greens an excellent choice for investors and buyers.

Gulberg Greens is one of the most lucrative projects initiated under the umbrella of IBECHS Islamabad. The project was mainly planned and developed for farmhouses, apartments, and commercial properties. That’s the reason, it is considered the epitome of advanced and modern architecture combined with present-day facilities.

6. Offers Multiple Benefits to Residents

If you are planning to invest in Gulberg Greens, you just need to learn one important fact. The residents enjoy plenty of amazing benefits by investing in the lush green surroundings of Gulberg.

  • Highly developed business centers in Gulberg Islamabad.
  • The society promotes green, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles.
  • Offers a clean and green location.
  • The infrastructure is extremely advanced and made up of sustainable materials.
  • Perfect gas and electricity backup.
  • Solution for water shortage and drainage.
  • Provides people with a complete security network.

7. 100,000+ Kanal Total Area

Another amazing fact that makes Gulberg Greens an ideal society to consider, is its total area which spans over 100,000+ kanal. The area provides super stunning, comfortable, and lavish farm-house plots of 4, 5, and 10 kanal whereas it also features residential plots of 8, 10, 12 Marla, and 1,2 kanal in Gulberg Greens, which are completely ready for possession and construction.

8. 80% of Development is Completed

Here is another fact to know before investing in Gulberg Greens. The area features D and E blocks which are almost 80% developed. Construction of other blocks is still ongoing and the rest of the blocks are also under-developed. However, the blocks located near D-Markaz are developing at a fast pace. There are plenty of commercial areas and a few high-rise buildings that are developing on the sides of the Expressway.

9. 5 Important Commercial Areas in Gulberg Greens

You must have heard that Gulberg Greens has a lot of commercial areas. But five areas are more popular than others such as Civic Center, Business Park, Main Commercial at Gulberg Expressway, Business Square, and D-Markaz (which is developing over an area of 400 Kanal.)

10. Approved by CDA

Did you know Gulberg Greens is a society fully approved by the capital development authority? It is developed by Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) and is a 100% project with NOC letter number CDA/ELW RP-4(14)2019/Vol/1/178.

Pros and Cons of Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Now that we learned all the facts about Gulberg Greens Islamabad, it’s time to check some important pros and cons so that we can find out whether the society is an ideal place for investment or not.


Linked to both Rawalpindi & IslamabadPossession after 1-year
Different access points from multiple locations 
Lots of successful previous projects 
Secure and lush green environment 
Guaranteed development 
Lucrative returns 
Uninterrupted utilities 
Easy installment plan 

Summing Up

Gulberg Greens is by far the most reliable, modern, and eco-friendly society that offers top-notch facilities and amenities without having to spend plenty of money. The society has underground pipelines, a well-developed sewerage system, solar street panels, CCTV cameras, and the physical security of more than 500 security staff. All these factors contribute to the success of Gulberg Greens and make this society a fully trustable place that offers convenient living and a luxurious lifestyle.